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If you love your Dog, Train them.
Training may save their life. We’ve been is rescue for over 20 years. It’s heart breaking to see the number of “strays” that end up in shelters.  
Training your dog allows you and them to have a better life. You can confidently take them places such from Greenways to Dog Bars. At home, you can confidently invite people over, with children and or dogs.
Training will most certainly develop the bond you have with your dog. Through Training, you will understand your Dog better and they will understand you better.  
Through Positive (also called Force Free) Training, we focus on the basics needed to make a Great Family Pet. 

We train your Dog while they are on Vacation
We provide daily private lessons with our Trainer while your dog is staying at Wickersham’s K-9 Ranch. Your dog will have access to all the amenities the K-9 Ranch has to offer such as swim sessions and play groups (if social) – and be visited multiple times a day to teach them the basic skills. The trainer will go then go through the commands with the owner during a Private Consultation in your home.

Training Options
We have Have an experienced Trainer to provide training on site while your dog is boarding.
Training requires a minimum of 4 Nights Boarding at K-9 ranch.
Training Prices do not include regular Daily Boarding Rates.
A Post Training visit at your home is arranged immediately after boarding or when convenient soon after returning home. The trainer will reviews the commands learned and teach you how to practice. Another follow is then scheduled for two weeks after being at home and the owner having practice with the commands and the pet.

Basic Obedience – $350 for 6 Sessions 
Commands include: Watch Me, Sit, Leave It and Down, no Jumping on People

Advanced Obedience – $450 for 6 Sessions
Commands include: Loose Leash Walking, "Sit" during Distractions, "Stay" during distractions on-leash

Personal Consulting – (price depending on goals)
Some dogs may need additional help for more severe issues such as separation anxiety or aggression. ListenHearK9 is equipped to handle more challenging issues and will quote a specific rate for working with your dog.

“When I think of problem-solving behaviors in dogs, you would be surprised how many behaviors you can stop with a well-disciplined sit.” Jim Burwell – Dog Training Section Chair for the American Boarding Kennel Association (ABKA)
The value of sit
Rambunctious, delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting.
 - Ian Dunbar – author and trainer

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